Ubuntu 11.10

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Ubuntu 11.10

Post by Draconian »

Okay, I'm a Linux newbie, but I should be able to fix this with some help...

First of all, I have installed Wine and used the UO installer provided here... and when I try to open Razor it just has an error message... I even used the troubleshooting guide posted here for Ubuntu v9....

In unrelated trouble, I can't seem to make my wireless card work on this laptop since the Ubuntu "upgrade"

Any Linux whiz have the desire to help me through my Linux newbieness w/ these problems?


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Re: Ubuntu 11.10

Post by Stuck »

Wireless cards are infamous for not working in Linux. Pretty much every vendor writes their drivers for windows, so the linux guys end up having to find workarounds. There's 3 possibilities here I think: reverse engineered open source drivers, official binary drivers, or ndiswrapper which wraps windows drivers.

It sounds like drivers are available for your card if you had it working before. I don't ever use wireless so I can't really help you in this area, but here's one of the best sources for information:

Arch Wiki: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Wireless_Setup

Ubuntu looks like it has a few pages too:
general troubleshooting guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiD ... otingGuide
list of wireless cards supported: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiD ... sSupported
etc: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CategoryNetworking
a wiki page on ndiswrapper if you end up needing it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiD ... diswrapper

I really recommend the arch wiki. Although arch linux isn't ubuntu, their wiki has a *ton* of really good general linux information if you're ever in trouble. Just make sure to translate it into ubuntu/debian terminology.

It might be best to find the name of your card (with `lspci` in the terminal), and then just start with a google search to see what it takes to get it working in linux. If everything looks as it should, you might want to mess around with the gnome network manager (I think it's included in ubuntu still?).

For your first problem, I can't help you without seeing the error message. I'm partially convinced the UOSA installer doesn't work with wine. I don't use it, but I haven't seen it work for anyone. You might want to download UO from the official site (there also a mirror on download.com I think), patch up to version Then install razor by hand. The nice thing about wine is it's easy to get rid of your c drive if you accidentally ruin it. Just delete it (It resides in ~/.wine).

edit: Also, it's very important that you install the .net runtime. You can do this by installing winetricks (apt-get install winetricks), starting it, and installing dotnet20.

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