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Pending review

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WG^ Artifact Recovery

Lord British has reached out to guild WiseGuys to help recovery eight one-of-a-kind artifacts that were recently
stolen while in transit from Vesper to a museum in Skara Brae. These artifacts could be anywhere by now. WG^
will be asking the community to get involved to find and recovery these items, so they can be returned to the
museum. These eight artifacts are the last known relics of the one and only Pegasus. Lord British will reward any
one person that can recovery 75% to 100% of this collection.

(a message from "WG^ Happy Gilmore the King of Yew")
Attention all rogues, scoundrels and other low lifes that are lurking in the shadows. We are in need of your
special skills to locate (snoop) and recover (steal) some lost artifacts. Wiseguys are willing to pay handsomely
to anyone that can locate these ancient relics. If you choose not to sell these artifacts to WG^, then you will move
on to Phase II, where games of luck will decide who gets Lord British's grand prize. Only way for you to have a
chance at Phase II is if you find one of these eight artifacts.

Break down on how game is played:
Once or more a week GM Nomad will place one of these artifacts randomly in any towns npc shopkeeper's bag. He then will
use discord and global in game message saying that an artifact is somewhere out there. This could be in any town and on
any npc within that town. Times and how often will be on his schedule. Once that artifact is recovered, message GM
Nomad for a prize and so he can let everyone else know with discord and global message that today's artifact has been
recovered and by whomever. So people can stop searching. However NPC's might have other small rewards still on them. The
person will hand over the artifact to GM Nomad. Even though this person doesn't have possession of this artifact anymore, they still do have "rights" to it. With "rights" to it they can either sell it to WG^ or a higher bidder or they can hang on to it for Phase II. Once all
eight artifacts have been recovered then Phase II will begin for anyone that has "rights" to one of these artifacts.

Phase II
"Luck is a skill"

Careful what you pay for the "rights" of an artifact! Phase II will be a series of head to head luck battles for the "rights" of an
artifact. Will be four different ways to determine who the winner of each battle. Three are in game and one way is out of game.

"Highest Roll"
Each player rolls the dice from the cup. Highest get a tally. First person with Two tally wins the "rights" of the other players artifact. Ties will reroll.

"Sum of three"
This also uses the dice cup. Each player will roll the dice three times taking turns. Add the sum of all three rolls. Highest sum will win the "rights" of the other players artifact. If tied, then its a start over with a roll of 3 times per player again.

"Serpents or Ankhs three times in a row"
This uses a Modain's Defeat Commemoration Coin. First player choose if they want "Serpents or Ankhs" other player gets which one was not chosen. Then keep double clicking coin until it comes up with the same side 3 times in a row. The player that choose that side wins the "rights" of the other players artifact.

"Even or Odd"
This one will be played out of game for the people not responding or too busy to meet in game at the same time. Player choose either even or odd, the other player gets what is left over. Winner is decided by what ever the Dow Jones stock exchange last digit to the one hundredth digit is even or odd at the ending of that given day. "Zero is a even number". example: If Dow Jones Ind. ended at 35,201.68 the last number is 8 which is even.

If you have five or less artifacts you have no choice but to do the games of chance above. However if someone has 6 or more "rights" to the artifacts they can stop Phase II and claim the prize from Lord British.

The Prize

To the "one" person that claims the extreme champion prize
If you turn in:
6 out of 8 you get the sandals unblessed
7 out of 8 you get the sandals blessed
8 out of 8 you get the sandals Grand Fathered blessed that take no damage.

If the route 6 of 8 or 7 of 8 is choosen then the other player or players with the "rights" of the remaining 1 or 2 artifacts get those artifacts to keep.

Trying to keep GM Nomad role in this event low. So WG^ Happy Gilmore will be present for all Phase II battles. Journal entries will be screen shot to keep everything fair and documented.

Purpose of this event
-I was trying to think of something that is not a monster bash and farm for hours event.
-I was trying to get something that people can log in for a short period of time run around UO using thief characters.
-New players can make a 50 thief char and be able to steal 6 of 8 of these artifacts. One item is 10 stones in weight and might have to think outside the box to get it.
-Phase I of this event could take 1 to 2 months to complete. Phase II will be somewhat faster. During Phase II exchange battles, will be set artifact vs. artifact battle. If same person has the "rights" to both artifacts then that one will not be played.
-WG^ members will be playing in this event as well. At no point will any WG^ member have any inforamation on where GM Nomad placed the artifact. At no point will WG^ tell GM Nomad when to do the weekly event. I will suggest it is around prime time 7pmCST to 8pmCST for some. But his call when and where. Some npc can't be stolen from like some bankers,stablemasters, maybe guards so those NPC will be avoided on a chance to carry the artifact.
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Re: Pending review

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(Results Pending)

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Re: Pending review

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This is a great idea.

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