Trying this again

A primarily PvM (Player versus Monster) guild welcoming both new and veteran players.

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Trying this again

Post by violator »

After a hiatus from actively playing due to "real life" becoming busy, I am finally actively playing again, and the guild will be accepting new members. It's good to be back!

K^D is primarily a PvM (Player versus Monster) guild.
K^D is actively allied with AoJ, and currently neutral regarding all other guilds and factions.
K^D makes its home near Windmere Woods, to the East of the Shrine of Sacrifice. The guild has a town that is a work in progress. It currently features an armory, a workshop, a tower that acts as the guild headquarters, and a "light house" on the Northern tip of the peninsula.

More details to follow soon... Please PM me, or find me also as Violator in Discord.
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Re: Trying this again

Post by Grofus »

Welcome back! AoJ looks forward to working with you to create some fun and exciting events! Let me know if I can be of assistance.

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Grofus is the man tho
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^ agreed
we need about 5 more Grofy's on UOSA


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