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UOSA Donor!!
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Shout outs

Post by Kabal »

A special shout out goes to Luca Blight, definately the snarkiest, most smart-ass mo-fo ever to grace the shard, and the man who blessed me with a pair of blood red sandals that made so many people on the shard just oh, so jealous.

Shout out to Josh Lee XIII, chumbucket, Matron de Winter, r-, mym, spanky, Choppa X, Tron, Pate, The theif known as 'Runner' (damn that guy pwned me).

Cheers to everyone who contributed to the shard in some way.

Most of all, thanks to Derrick for making all this magic happen, and thanks to the people who supported Derrick and his efforts.
Derrick wrote: . . .get real please.
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Re: Shout outs

Post by Happy Gilmore »

Done logging into UO?

Where should I pick up these blood red sandals mentioned above?

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Re: Shout outs

Post by TacoSupreme »

Is K^A truly dead now?

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