Coming back to UO

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Coming back to UO

Post by Drull »

Damn it's been a while. I used to run a server called Trepidus, used to GM on "TAR" (The Alter Realm) among other places.

Been getting the itchy lately. It's funny, no matter what games I play, I always come back to UO.

I wonder if anyone remembers me. Sure would love to connect with some old names.

Cheers guys. I look forward to stealing your things.

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Re: Coming back to UO

Post by Werther »

Welcome back!

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Re: Coming back to UO

Post by FakeEcaj »

Werther wrote:Welcome back!
i want to kiss u

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Re: Coming back to UO

Post by Strelok_401 »

I got the itch to play UO a couple days ago as well, and that's why I've registered there... Now, why did I have a sudden urge to play the games of my childhood and teenage years riiiight at the moment when I'm supposed to work with this commercial property in Munich for my company at home, on top of my usual working hours? That's a whole different question :lol:

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Re: Coming back to UO

Post by Soma »

Lol I played there, GMs were corrupt as fuck
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