Kara is back!

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Kara is back!

Post by Kara »

Hey, was chatting with a friend about this server the other day and my nostalgia started tingling. So I'm back. Not sure if anyone even remembers me, but I ran a pretty good vendor shop at the Yew bank from September 2014 to February 2015.

I think I forgot to refresh my house shortly after closing my shop and lost everything. *sigh*

I think i have about 1.4m gold saved up, I supposed that's a good start. Will probably get a small house placed and get some income rolling in before trying to get something more stylish like a 2-story or a tower.

Any tips or updates I should know about since I've been gone? I can tell the server has been pretty quiet it seems.

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UOSA Donor!!
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Re: Kara is back!

Post by Kriav »

Come to discord. Activity is there. Forums more old tech tho useful

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