there a Catskills shard thread?

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Re: there a Catskills shard thread?

Post by malice-tg »

do0m wrote:
platy wrote:xH with Dantragg if I'm not mistake - Or was that EGO (Which i thought was Uzziah)
Also I recall the char ZELDA, never realized that was you malice :)
As for those hedgemazes - we used those all the time , and the recdu/recsu tele also.

Anyone remember a dexer named Hax Soteva (or something like that) - or "Man With No Name" (there were two of them in COP - which I see mfred is here in TG, nice grab malice ;P )

I remember the "Man with no name"... both of them. Thjey used to stalk me at the !K! houses.

ah the good ole days.. i remember this lumberjack in 'K' who was like kelsik with a last name.... he was a load to handle...and seemed like a decent guy.

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Re: there a Catskills shard thread?

Post by platy »

Kelsik De'Vere, he actually still plays - you can catch him on UO char search in catskills (at least last time I checked!).. Has to be one of the oldest chars on that shard by now!

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Re: there a Catskills shard thread?

Post by Malaikat »

The name Dantragg is extremely familiar. Was he a fence dexer?

Anyone recall a PK group all named Fuzzy Bunny? I think there were half a dozen of them total, and they all dressed/looked alike.
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Re: there a Catskills shard thread?

Post by mfred »

the MWNN were a father son pair in COP... man they were good (sitting side by side IRL). Only dexers i;ve ever seen cross bandage heal in field PVP. lol.

....oh, yeah, and I'm mfred-COP from cats 97-2005ish

...oh, and my chars were mfred, nfred, zfred.

and on Siege i was jiffy lube and Magus.

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Re: there a Catskills shard thread?

Post by malice-tg »

platy wrote:Kelsik De'Vere, he actually still plays - you can catch him on UO char search in catskills (at least last time I checked!).. Has to be one of the oldest chars on that shard by now!

we need to get kelsik and friends to join uosa

can you contact him?

would be cool to battle again

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Re: there a Catskills shard thread?

Post by inition »

I read through most of the Catskills player names, familiar with some of the guilds. When I first started playing I thought I originally discovered Delucia in 1998... The town was just empty at the time (early in the morning, I worked second shift). I PVP'd well on 56k, even got into xH for a short period. Couldn't take 5 steps as my dexer without getting jumped by oranges. Cable internet finally reached my small town in 2000. I remember PVPing with GOLIATH, Vrin's Footstool, Hepatitis, Midnight Sun, Talon, Sphincter, Wraith Skillion, Black Dot (pretty sure he used a war fork most of the time). I saw Emp'd a lot, never tried fighting him, his ping was so low he didn't bother with a horse. Dantrag and Dreadlady killed me TONS of times. Dantrag was in the middle of PKing me (I survived his initial dump) when a guild I can't remember ganked him.

I mainly used Horror, a very strange dexer template that worked well. I used maces, with varying combinations of med/wrestling/resist. Later dumped resist for meditation. Could duel well with tanks and dexers equally, terrible in guild battles.

Terror was my tank mage (there was a much more famous Terror in UDL, not me). Just a plain tank mage.

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Re: there a Catskills shard thread?

Post by Corbin »

It amazes me that people like Lace are still playing on Cats. They are some of the biggest and well known dupers in the game, yet they evaded getting ban because EA never did anything about the problem.
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Catskills (03-08) - Roo Avery of VIT, T^B
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Re: there a Catskills shard thread?

Post by Wulver »

Hello, from Catskills 1999-2003ish.

My brother played a lot with his friends from 1997-1999 and then I took his accounts over. He usually played with a thief named Edge and hung out near Minoc in those days, I remember a character named Bill Nye he would hang with.

When I started I created a bard/tamer named Darth Zen and mace/archer named Thor. My guild was KryptoKnights or something corny, I later joined a guild that was by my house (cant remember currently) just south of the COP guild house on the east side of Destard mountain range and west of the tip of the river, that general area I had a few houses.

I never got much into fights until factions rolled around. I was Shadowlords at first and then went to Council of Mages before it was single entry (probably hardest to defend). I had 3 accounts so; Darth Zen, Thor and Edge were all used. Edge could steal sigils and disarm/steal weapons, Thor was for town skirmish and Darth Zen for defense with my dragons. I do remember XH was at a time under Minax faction, and there was one dexxer on there I always loved to fight. Once, while playing as Thor, I had a fight with him from Papua all the way to Delucia, he was stripped naked and lost 3+ shields yet neither of us died (I was retreating most due to his deadly poison). Both of our mounts were lost about mid way through the fight, the best 1 on 1 fight I have had in any game to date!

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Re: there a Catskills shard thread?

Post by Xearo »

Great to see so many Catskills players,

I played Cats from 97-00 on and off. Mainly off because i ran up a huge phone bill on a dial up connection and got banned from my parents. I played at my friends house from then and we did the same to his parents phone bill!! Then came along free evenings and weekends, remember waiting patiently with my friend for the clock to tick over from 17:59 to 18:00. Funny times.

Anyway, my characters were:

Eagleye - warrior Macer Archer.
Smoke - Tank Mage (Swords)
Lord Crack - Tamer

I mainly hanged around at Britain GraveYard, joined CCC for a short spell with Smoke.

My friend who i played with was...
KnighT - Warrior (Blessed Vanq Katana)
DeathKnighT - Tank (Mace)
ApocalypsE - Mage (Swords)
a cow - PK Archer
Scorpion - female mage with bright blue hair.

a shout out to Jodo Cast, Trey, ZERG, Ronald Mcdonald, Tam-Tam, Bearded Lady, Can't remember any more if any of you still play. Hit me up via PM


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Re: there a Catskills shard thread?

Post by Scorpz »

I played on Cats for years from about 2001 onwards (was on Europa from launch prior to joining catskills), but mainly in the RP crowd (U-D, Rom, Byz etc).

My chars were:

Raziel (Tamer)
Scorpz (Originally a stealth poisoner for U-D, but later became a Bard)
Lucius Atilius (dexxer)
Aulus Atilius (nox mage)

Unfortunately I wasn't really around on Cats prior to UO:R as stated I was on Europa :(

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Re: there a Catskills shard thread?

Post by Hydroxide »

hello catskills ppls-

I was "HaVoC The Great" of moonglow.
also "Havoc's Miner" (gm smith)

Hung out with Erik Everblade, Jaden, Jabatox, Sovereignz, Gambit, Alex Dudikov, Velana (forget 2nd name- russian sounding- tamer) and the pack of noobs, ahem, friends Misty had.
I met misty when she was a noob, and was one of the people who taught her how to pvp.

I still talk to Erik on facebook. Jabatox, Sov, and Gambit I know IRL. Gambit and Jabatox played here for a little bit, but are currently inactive.

Also was cool with Madmardigan (saw him mentioned earlier), King Quinn, Dantrag, etc. Dantrag II held the top bounty for a long time, which is why some of you may remember the name.

I also don't remember Malice, but I bet he was one of the out-of-towner reds we used to enjoy battling when they came to bank next to the fence (before they created that god awful fountain thing).

Funny how big my noob-learning curve was back on cats. Also, that I never actually GM'ed resist. LOL.

I gave my account away, not sure what ever happened to it.

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Re: there a Catskills shard thread?

Post by Fidgeter »

Just started on this server a few weeks ago. Used to play Catskills in '97-'99 era and then went over to DAoC. Took part in a lot of Glorious Lords vs Dread Lords battles outside of Trinsic, in the swamps, on either sides of the bridges, etc. back in the day. It was fun as hell until the blues started porting in guards to instakill us. :D

My characters were craZy J, Cemetery Girl and Dread Dead Body. Used to hang out around Trinsic pking people with friends. Ran with Dark Pumpkins D^P. Orange & Black. Some friends of mine were CHRIS, Jason, Pan, Piznan, Living Dead Girl, and other Dread Dead Body's. Had some other acquaintences too but I don't remember a lot of their names, Daffy duck and Sir Jeff were a couple that I remember.

Harassing the Orcs was also a favorite past time of ours. Crimp lat umie!

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Re: there a Catskills shard thread?

Post by Freight Elevator »

Just joined a few days ago..recognize a lot of names in this thread! I wonder how many are currently playing...

Anyways..not gonna litter the post with my life story I'll just list a few things.

97 or 98 - 2003 on Catskills (and a little on Atlantic)
-Lynx Yorkshire - OG, another RP guild near Yew, !K!, TG (Sup Malice!)
-DarK VoDoO MaGiK - my bard
-Freight Elevator - The Draxarum \D/
-Benefit (Atlantic) - the whole Catskills invasion of Atlantic for factions..what a blast

Sometime between 2003-2007 I messed around on Divinity and Hybrid but they never stuck. Messed around on Revelation before it died out. Moved onto IPY2 when it came out and joined Nothing personal (Np) and had a blast despite all its problems. Currently also playing on Rel Por occasionally but the fun dies out there pretty quick for me.

Hope to see some old friends/enemies in game!
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Re: there a Catskills shard thread?

Post by malice-tg »

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Re: there a Catskills shard thread?

Post by madmardagan »

Man.... we all have to be too old for video games by now, but we all still around playing!

Madmardagan from Catskills here. I played Jan 98 to Sept 01 when DAOC came out. Was mainly in TB after that Trammel disaster was put in.

See some familiar names around here. Some not here but mentioned in posts.

Whats going on here?

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